2018 "The Perfect Storm" Rose

2018 "The Perfect Storm" Rose

Wander Must Wine

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Vintage: 2018

Varietal: Zinfandel

Vineyard: Rorick Heritage Vineyard

County: Calaveras County

Harvest: 21.0 Brix

Alcohol: 12.8%


      This Zinfandel comes from a small vineyard near Murphys, Ca. The vineyard is owned and operated by winemaker Matthew Rorick who makes Forlorn Hope Wines.

These zinfandel clusters arrived at the winery in pristine condition. They had large berries, optimal acidity, lower sugars and ripe stems. The perfect combination for a rose wine.

The grapes were removed from their stems and placed in separate bins . After 20hrs of sitting in a mixture of skins and juice the zinfandel berries were transferred and pressed with their original stems using a gentle cycle. After being pressed the juice was fermented in a stainless tank with temperature control to keep the ferment in the optimal zone to extract flavors.

After fermentation, the wine was stopped to prevent malolactic fermentation and stored in stainless tanks until crossflow filtration and bottling in January 2019.

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