Side by Side Merlots 2015&2016

Side by Side Merlots 2015&2016

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When learning about wine there are two schools of thought you will always run into with winemakers. One will be an avid yeast "inoculator" and the other plays the "native" game. With this small 1-acre vineyard we have for you to try two vintages of Merlot from the same location done in very different styles of winemaking. 

2015- Inoculated with a Rockpile yeast strain and went through a cold treatment called Purovino. It had an extended cold-soak and was racked and returned during fermentation. Aged in 20% New Oak for 26 months. 

2016- Native ferment, small amount of whole cluster and left in the tank untouched until there were active signs of fermentation. During ferment foot-treading and a few pump-overs. Aged in 10% New Oak for 22 months. 

 *All purchases and acceptance of wine from Wander-Must must be completed by individuals 21+ years of age*