Winemaker G's-Share The Love-Don't Be Distant!

Winemaker G's-Share The Love-Don't Be Distant!

Wander Must Wine

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Hey Wanderers, it's Gianna! I want to offer you a Six-Pack of wine with an additional bonus. Purchase this and send an email to answering these questions:

Name of Surprise Recipient: 


Home Address: 

Email: (So they can see a UPS package coming!)

Wine Choice for your Secret Surprise: Rose or Souzao......

Do you want them to chill out on a Rose' or bottle of souzao? They are both wonderful wines chilled, if you want to mix it up a little make a sangria cocktail using the souzao wine as a base! Shaken...not stirred....Have fun my friends!

Now Select your 6 Pack and Chillax!

Take care!