What you Must know about the Girl who Wanders with wine

Wander-Must is the adventurous brand designed and operated by winemaker Gianna Fugazi. 

What you must know about our winemaker is that she is an artist, nurturer, creator and experimenter to the core. Gianna's wine philosophy allows the must to direct the fermentation. Her wines mirror her wandering soul, all starting initially with one muse, the grape juice's expression. This initial interpretation is the match strike, and the start of the sequential process of winemaking.  

From all the experiences that shape her life, she thanks her friends and family for helping Wander-Must become a true reality. As she continues to be supported by the loved ones who surround her, Gianna especially attributes her successes to her two lovely daughters who inspire her to keep fighting the small producer journey everyday. 

Wander-must is Gianna's game. It's her passion and foundation for evolving. She wishes to offer you a wine that will always deliver with the gift of creativity and sensorial exploration. If you enjoy mixing things up, then you will enjoy these wines.