2018 "Berry Potable" Souzao

2018 "Berry Potable" Souzao

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Vintage: 2018

Varietal: Souzao

Vineyard: Vierra Familia Estate (St.Jorge Winery, Acampo, CA)

County: San Joaquin County

Harvest: 21.3 Brix

Barrel Aging: 5 Months Neutral BBL and 2 Months Stainless

Alcohol: 12.3% 

 This Souzao comes from a small family owned vineyard in Acampo, Ca. The total vineyard is 12-acres. This varietal is originally from Portugal and typically fortified to make a port wine. 
 The grapes came in and were small tight clusters. After processing the grapes to remove the stems the berries were placed in a stainless tank at 50 degrees. The tank sat in a cold soak environment for 7 days. The tank was inoculated at 55 degrees with a native strain from Rockpile AVA. There were no movements of the grapes until active fermentation. During active fermentation there were three days of punch downs and pump-overs aggressively working the ferment. After these three days there were gentle pump-overs until 3 brix. The tank rested in end ferment for 10 days. After 25 days the tank was pressed and put to barrel in neutral oak.
 Malolactic finished naturally and the barrels remain unsulfured in the cellar. Wine was transferred to stainless tank where it was sulfured and cross-flowed before bottling in May of 2019.

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