2019 Verdelho

2019 Verdelho

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Vintage: 2019

Varietal: Verdelho

Vineyard: Vierra Familia Estate 

County: San Joaquin County

Harvest: 19.2 Brix

Alcohol: 11.5%


This Verdelho comes from a small family owned vineyard in Acampo, Ca. The total vineyard is 12-acres. Only 3 acres are planted to Verdelho. This varietal is originally from Portugal.

 The oblong oval grapes were transported after being picked in the early morning and processed in a bladder press. Ten percent of the juice was separated, inoculated and fermented in a neutral oak barrel. This was not temperature controlled and flourished in the cool cellar environment. The other ninety percent was inoculated and fermented in a stainless tank. Temperatures were controlled to ensure a cool ferment to capture the fruit forward elements of this wine. Three yeast strains were used to highlight different characteristics.

After fermentation the wine was stopped to prevent malolactic fermentation and stored in stainless tanks until cross-flow filtration and bottling in January 2019.

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